Sell Silver & Gold Bullion at the Spot Price

Monday, 8 February 2021

Sell Silver and Gold Bullion at the Spot Price

At Guardian Gold we believe in doing the best we can for our investors when it comes to safe guarding their wealth. This means the best possible security for storage, but it also means giving the best rates we can when it comes to buying and selling physical metals.

Typically, when a bullion dealer buys metal back, we need to keep a margin to allow us to sell the metal without taking a loss. However, there is an option where you can be paid exactly the spot rate for your gold or silver bullion, and that is via our Consignment Option.

With our consignment option you simply bring the metal into our Guardian Gold offices in Sydney or Melbourne, and we both sign a consignment agreement that states we hold your metal securely within our vault, and we go out to market and sell your metal for you via our channels, advertising it to our large client base in Sydney and Melbourne.

As your consignment sells, we automatically lock in a price to buy it from you at the exact spot price at that time. It is a great way to gradually dollar cost average out of a large holding and receive spot for your metal and nothing less. Typically, your holding is sold within the week, if not a few days. Obviously, those larger consignment amounts can take a little longer than this at times, but feel free to chat to us over the phone for an estimate.

Let our sales and marketing team do the heavy lifting for you (literally) whilst you feel comfortable about getting a fair price for your bullion!

All you need is a Guardian Gold account which you can Register online in a few minutes. 

Of course, if you prefer to sell bullion at our buyback rate and receive funds transfer straight away (clearing within 48 hours), this is also something we can do as well.


Feel free to call our friendly staff for more info on the numbers below:

  • Sell Gold or Silver Bullion in Sydney                  (02) 9283 5570
  • Sell Gold or Silver Bullion in Melbourne                (03) 9670 4488