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Welcome to Guardian Gold

How We Can Help You

Guardian Gold provides a seamless solution when buying gold and silver bullion, whether a first time buyer or an experienced investor.  Guardian Gold together with Guardian Vaults offers significant benefits through its "Seamless Solution".

Our seamless solution includes: purchase, delivery, fully allocated/segregated bullion storage, insurance and auditing requirements compliant for SMSF in one secure location. You can now choose between our two facilities in Melbourne and Sydney.

This unified process simplifies how to buy gold bullion. Guardian Gold appoints dedicated account managers to assist with clients’ specific requirements. Our service is to provide and enhance the management logistics so that each process is simple and seamless for you, the client.

Offering a wide range of gold and silver investment products, Guardian Gold is an Authorised Distributor for The Perth Mint and is able to source Suisse PAMP and many other well known hallmarks.    All gold (999.9) and silver (999+)  are investment grade suitable for personal investment or your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Secure your Wealth with Australia's Leading Privately Owned Safe Deposit Box Facility and Bullion Vault and Sydney's first.

At Guardian Gold we understand that securing wealth through purchasing precious metals as a gold investment can often be time consuming when considering where to buy, how to transport, where to store and how to insure. Our unique difference in conjunction with Guardian Vaults is that we able to manage the entire process in one location by offering fully allocated, fully insured bullion storage.

The process of investing and buying gold bullion requires a multifaceted solution that is both seamless in implementation and secure in practice and that is where Guardian Gold and Guardian Vaults complete the picture.

Why Invest?

In any investment strategy, a structured and diverse portfolio is recommended. 

A precious metals investment is particularly popular in times of economic uncertainty and has a reputation for being able to hedge against fiat currencies as they depreciate.

In recent times, interest rates around the globe have been trending downwards, making precious metals the forefront of investors’ mind. The price of bullion looks more and more attractive as residential and commercial property values falls, cash worth, government inflation and government spending commitments escalate and share values become increasingly volatile.

Buying Bullion and Storage

Buying bullion is a great way to store your wealth and hold onto your hard earned money. Gold has been used for thousands of years not only as a currency but also as a symbol of wealth and status in the form of jewellery and precious ornaments.

Through human history, almost every established culture has used gold to symbolise power, beauty, purity and accomplishment. Today we continue to use this precious metal for our most significant objects.

All the gold ever mined would equate to just over 3 Olympic sized swimming pools. Half of this mined is in Federal reserves and a quarter in precious ornaments, which leaves only 1 quarter available for investment. So the case for investing in this metal is clear


To learn more about gold as an investment, call Guardian Gold now on 03 9670 4488 or 02 9283 5570.